The online shop based on Prefsuite’s “E-Shop” technology delivers first results

25 June 2014

For one of our clients in the Baltic States, Uniwave has realized an online shop based on Prefsuite’s “E-Shop” technology. The user expressed high satisfaction regarding the stability and the high functionality of our online solution. The high amount of received orders in the online shop is the major result of this solution. With the help of PrefSuite E-Shop your web site can be extended with following options:

  • Simple and fast design and configuration of the desired window products
  • Order and invoice printout
  • Order creation and payments by credit card
  • Displaying the order history in your own individual account
  • Monitoring the order processing status
  • Production status monitoring

The “E-Shop” module is a solid part of the branch software solution PrefSuite. Thanks to its complete integration in the main application’s kernel, E-Shop synchronizes all information with the live data base in real-time.